Morning Walk

My morning walk often starts up this little private road just next to where we live. It leads up to 2 or 3 houses and the top of the woods.

I’ve been taking a morning walk for the last month, before my shower and before breakfast. Sometimes it’s been a delight and sometimes it’s been an effort but I am feeling the benefits of it.  I’m starting to slow down and notice my reactions to things more clearly… I notice how hard it is for me to simply just walk without trying to make a goal out it somehow.  I catch myself falling into the habitualised programs that take me away from the moment.  It’s not rocket science – I’ve known this stuff for ages yet knowing is not doing and doing is not being.  Unless that doing arises from a state of being, then it’s being too:~)Yesterday whilst out on a longer than usual walk in the woods by the sea, I found myself wishing I had a camera or a video so I could share some of the simple beauties I come across on my walks.  Nothing extraordinary and yet exactly that at the same time.  No moment will ever be experienced exactly like that again.  So I decided it would be nice to post a diary of sorts of my morning walks… time will tell how often and how long I keep this up.

So armed with my camera I set out this morning and soon discovered so many beautiful things to take pictures of that I lost my way.  Or at least lost the perfection of being present because I was so intent on futurising, on taking pictures to share that I was disconnected  from simply just being. I realised that I needed some discipline or else my walks would be wasted so I decided to limit myself to taking only 4 pictures per walk after today, and then reduce that further to maybe only one or two… or even a short video from time to time.  I had a bit of an anxious moment then, worried that I may not get the best of the best of the best shots unless I took loads and then cherry picked.  Sigh… off I go again!

It was and still is, a beautiful sunny morning here in Courtmacsherry, (West Cork, Ireland) with hardly a whisper of a breeze.  I’m home and breakfasted and sitting here blogging – this is taking ages!!!  Gotta cut this down or it won’t be practical to continue and completely defeating the purity of the inspiration.  Ho hum. Here’s some more pictures from my walk this morning:

Entrance to woods at top of road.. the sea is below in the distance. I love the energy of this fascinates me. The sharp eyed may spot what looks like a little doorway on the right of the picture.
I just love ferns… especially at this time of year when there are unfurling. There are several different varieties that grown well here in this part of Ireland. This type would be for sale in a Scottish garden centre and here it grows wild.
Even a frigging chemtrail couldn’t annoy me this morning ‘cos it was so beautiful out.
Warning: gazing directly into the sun can be harmful for your eyes. Not sure what that strange line is but it’s on all the shots I took of the sun.










In this part of the woods, houses are but a few meters away yet it feels like a completely different world in here.

One thought on “Morning Walk

  1. Lynn Bing, May 17, 2012 / 4:32 pm

    Yes Lynn, I agree with the distractions pulling from the experience of the oneness of being, that you feel from the connection to nature and source. Even speaking can do it for me. So when I walk with my husband I’m silent and focus exclusively on the trees and plants. Your pictures are lovely. Thanks for writing. Keep it up!
    Lynn Bing


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