Tantric Sex… with an Orchid?

I’m a very visual person, especially when it comes to media like movies or images on the computer. I find hours can disappear fast as water down the plug-hole as I become totally immersed in looking through photos and artwork on the internet. Ask me to find an image on a theme I like and I’m kept entertained for hours, especially if it’s nature! That’s what happened when I had decided I needed a new website for my tantra work, One Heart Tantra. I was currently using a theme of a woman holding a red rose but wanted a change whilst still using a floral theme. I had settled on Orchids as my main theme, as I find them so exquisitely beautiful.

I LOVE nature and am constantly inspired by what I see, feel and interact with, whether that be trees, rocks, pieces of dead wood, stones, plants, water, animals, insects and of course, flowers. My task for the site was to find several orchid pictures. I’d already located the main picture, but I needed these for the 8-10 individual pages on the website.

So here I was, trawling through Google searches for Orchid photographs for hours over a three-day period. I knew it was obsessive behaviour; I could have been far more efficient with my time but I was totally hooked on these orchids. Each picture I viewed showed me another variety, another colour and shape, another aspect of the orchid energy. I became so involved with them that I would see them in my inner vision at night times as I was dropping off to sleep and again on waking in the morning.

1G happy orchid or bee orchid (2)
Adorable! Happy Bee Orchid
Little Monkey Face

On the third evening I had gone back onto the computer immediately after dinner. Isaac and I had agreed to watch a movie together and I’d promised him a foot rub too. But I’d become totally absorbed in my quest to find the perfect orchid picture and I was now fascinated with some incredible close-up shots of the flowers; some were like little faces and I found myself ooh-ing and ahh-ing at their cuteness, marvelling at their characters – they were very much coming alive in front of my eyes!

Remind you of anything?
Remind you of anything?

Some were like female genitalia, so incredibly & overtly sexual that I caught myself staring at them in incredulity, mouth agape and energetically magnetised to them. This was as tantric as it gets!

My reverie was interrupted by Isaac reminding me of our agreement so I tore myself away and settled into watching the movie and giving loving attention to his feet, all thoughts of orchids gone… for the moment.

Thirty minutes later I notice I’m feeling slightly edgy and I wonder if I’ve picked up some sort of negative energy or spent too much time on the computer. I do a bit of energetic clearing and deep breathing but it doesn’t help and the edginess continues; it’s like an irritation I can’t stop, like a knocking on the door that is unanswered and the visitor knows I’m home so won’t go away. I’m almost convinced now I’m under some sort of minor psychic attack so more clearing and ground exercises ensue but again, it doesn’t help and by now I’m feeling intense edginess and even beginning to feel victimised!

In that moment I suddenly get an insight – it is someone knocking at my door! I remembered from previous times when I had similar experiences and that once I stopped resisting, relaxed and allowed, I had felt an angelic presence that was trying to get my attention. So taking a cue from that, I immediately stopped resisting the energy and instantly my experienced changed from edginess to excitement… like a quickening feeling through my body. I let Isaac know I was ‘going inside’ for some time to connect with an energy being that was here to connect with me. It’s vitally important to let others know what is happening and that everything is okay and in order, otherwise they too could be in resistance or opposition to what’s happening and be very concerned to your safety.

Closing my eyes, softening my body, relaxing into myself and allowing my awareness to drop deeply inside of me and set my intention to only be open to Divine Light of the Most High. Inwardly I said “Greetings, who are you?”

“I Am the Over-lighting Deva of Orchids” was the response.

WOW! My heart opened even more in response to the charm and delicacy of the vibration, tinkling in me like iridescent vortexes of the finest Light. The energy reminds me of crystal or angelic vibration; high, fine, tinkling like a hundred thousand silvery bells whose sound is so fine and high it is barely audible. I felt the purity in its intent to share, to merge energetically with me. I had no apprehension, no fear nor any concern about what was happening. It all felt so completely natural and organic to me and I felt guided my own intelligence. I knew from previous experiences that it was important for me to trust in the moment and to leave any analysing until later. I noticed that every cell and space in my body and my energy fields were vibrating with Light and Joy as I allowed the energy to infuse me on all levels of my being. I felt I was radiating, pulsing sphere of bright luminescence light. I used my breath to direct the energy out through my body from my core out through my energy fields, radiating and sharing this experience as a gift to my family, friends and any being that was open to receiving …touching them with my mind and loving them from my heart.

Oh such sweet ecstasy! I can feel its curiosity! In this moment I recognised that it’s a Divine Child of such purity and innocence, and it is achingly beautiful! Such deep wisdom yet a lightness of being, of ‘knowing’ itself and its place in Creation – to feel even that is indescribably beautiful! I was becoming undone. It is so gentle too, and I was utterly captivated by this experience – such sweetness!


There was a sexual element too, although not in a way that most people would think of when the word sexual is used to describe something. There wasn’t a big arousal happening in my body, this was like waves of bliss pulsing through me, dancing and playing in and with my body which was responding in kind sending waves of pleasure of awareness back to the Plant Spirit. As much spiritual as sexual but one did not deny the other. As we danced our swirling dance of Love we explored each other intimately, learning of the others’ experiences, not at the level of mind but sharing at the level of pure Spirit, both incredibly simple and incredibly complex in its possibilities. At my core, I knew this was what Creation was about; communion with another. I was sharing Divine Intelligence with another aspect of Mother/Father God – we were both experiencing each other and self as a Divine Child and Creator simultaneously. In this fusion there was no separation and yet an awareness of ‘the other’ was apparent.

I think that is what it takes to feel ecstasy in the body– to know the truth of simplicity of Being together with the infinite potency of Creation in its myriad of complex permutations without any need to control or limit or even direct the outcome in any way. What is it that can happen when two come together with purity of intention to merge at the level of Spirit and put nothing in between them? Only in that Holy Grail can Spirit drop a Seed of Consciousness. This is Sacred Union.

purple spotsIt was so, so exquisite that words cannot begin to describe how it felt. In recalling this experience I called in the Spirit of the Plant and took myself back into the experience – time travel if you will. My subtle and physical energy began to vibrate as the memories arose in me and I can feel the presence of the Orchids as I write. So I simply trust that because you are reading this you too are open to having interaction at this level and that an energetic experience can come across to you in the spaces between my words, and through my intention to share this experience with you, so you too can know how beauty and Love beyond our conditioned society is always available to those who seek and are open to allowing.

I had this experience because of my fascination with the orchids; it had created a universal calling to the guardian angel of the plant, which is the divine blueprint that each and every living being has. We don’t need to read about plants in books in school, we only need to communicate with them, to find where our fascination lies and allow that to show us the way. The intelligence will respond in kind. That’s just the way things work.

If you’d like to explore or find out more, then call, email or message me! I love working with people to help them open to these experiences and I offer this in person or via Skype.

My main site is: http://www.onehearttantra.com/ and you can find the Facebook links on the right of this page.


4 thoughts on “Tantric Sex… with an Orchid?

    • lynnpaterson June 24, 2013 / 11:05 pm

      Thank you Christopher and many blessings on your birthday!


  1. mayayonika June 15, 2013 / 12:03 pm

    Beautiful love~ thank you for sharing your delights!


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