RADIO: The Blether Report – Shades of grey hair

The ‘Blether Report’ RADIO SHOW featuring Lynn in a fun and fascinating discussion:

What started as a relatively simple wish to understand what was is important, in various aspects including spiritually and physically, about women choosing to go grey, or continuing to dye their hair.  This fascinating discussion leads Lynn Paterson and Jackie Walker into blethering and exploring issues as diverse as:

  • Gandalf the grey
  • spiritual haircutting
  • hairless men
  • lack of grey in grey hair!
  • fiery redheads
  • being greyceful (spelling intended!)
  • astrology
  • persecution of witches
  • and so much more!

We are sure that this Blether Report will leave you pondering your own choices, and asking yourself questions, after all, that’s what a good blether is for!

Tune in to the Blether Report every Monday at 8pm UK.

In PART 2, Jackie and Kama J Franklin explore how hair dye can have some serious consequences, and some positive effects of grey hair!

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