France ~ Initiation Part V: Revelations and… the Holy Grail?

There is only one story in duality and everything tells it. Relax, breathe and be at peace for it cannot do anything BUT tell you! There is no need to search, nor to look for the truth as every thing you see, hear, touch, taste, smell and sense comes from the same story.

Symbols are not so much of a sign, nor more than you or I are a sign of something. No, we are a representation, or perhaps, a presentation is better…Yes, a presentation of our soul essence! Or a signature? Yes, also a signature in fact, our sign-nature…so yes, a sign, yet in a truer sense of the word sign, not as we commonly think of it.

And a symbol or synchronicity isn’t just a sign, it is that you are starting to see through the material world into the story beneath, you’re getting an understanding – or seeing that which stands-under. You are seeing more deeply. When this is seen it is possible to understand the repetitive patterns in life – and how one thing relates to another…

Thank you for joining me. What I share in this final part of the story is my mystical experience of how my physical journey on the road trip through France mirrored my metaphysical journey into my body and into the mystery of life. Church Temple to Body Temple. I’ve mentioned yoni mapping previously, and for now, it’s suffice to say that yoni mapping is far more than a method of helping us to heal sexual and physical limitation. It is in fact a way of exploring the entire universe.


By the time I got to Paris on Day 1, we still had a lot of undecideds, gaps, no accommodation booked and some other unknowns but few concerns. By the time we had completed the trip and were back in Paris it had all worked out beautifully, gifting us with an experience never to be forgotten, many insights and delights and the birth of something new to share. There were many extraordinary things that happened on the trip, numerous things that showed up as synchronicities, coincidences and graceful interventions. Themes emerged that linked the outer physical journey with an inner, insightful one – we were experiencing life as above, so below, and not as a concept but in a very literal, living, sense. Yet it wasn’t really until the trip was finished in a physical sense that we realised that certain themes were evident and that the physical, emotional and spiritual levels all weaved a tapestry of our story together. What is showed me beyond everything was that ‘As above, so below’ is what happens whether you know it or not. It’s not a choice. The only choice is whether you choose to work at seeing through the veil. Yet it wasn’t until the end of our trip that it became undeniably apparent how everything is the same within and without. One echoes the other.

Returning to Peter’s Apartment, Paliseau, Paris.
The experience I had at the end of the road trip was one of the most extraordinary things in my entire life. During a long massage from Peter which culminated in yoni touch and yoni mapping, I became very expansive; I ‘went out there’ far and wide, experiencing myself as the entire universe, a great expanse of outer space, the cosmos. This in itself is a phenomenal experience and because it wasn’t the first time I’d had it, I knew moments later when I felt a contraction, a lessening, a densification of the energy that something different was now happening. I felt a momentary sense of loss that I hadn’t managed to stay with the cosmic feeling. Choosing to stay present and with whatever was happening, I re-focussed on the yoni and the breath. I then realised that the densification of energy had in fact created a shape, like a container, and it was shaped as cathedral – I simultaneously felt this inside of me and out with me, encapsulating everything. It was an intriguing feeling that I found completely fascinating and so had no trouble staying completely present, open and curious. I wasn’t searching for explanations, I was simply trusting the process and still continuing in sensing the cathedral church like shape and feeling, which was of reverence, as if I were in a sacred space, a temple, the holy of holies. I felt both a personal and universal sense of awe; there was no seriousness, only sereneness, a feeling of super-light holiness.

A veil dissolved as I realised that the Mother Church was in fact the physical interpretation of the metaphysical energy of the feminine. It is the feminine in form, just as I am. I laughed aloud as I realised that every single person who went into the church to pray was in fact praying in a yoni! A revelation indeed which I felt as truth in the body; it was a complete somatic knowing revelation. Laughing again I was filled with a sense of incredulity that the truth is so utterly simple! I was telling Peter what I was experiencing and he, bless him, stayed so present and I could feel him enjoying my delight. But I wasn’t finished yet, oh no! It was like I was now able to sense through the concept of a material cathedral and see the energy underneath, that which it came from. It is that the solid material of the building is also simply a veil.

Another peal of laughter let loose as I realised that the Virgin Mary was in fact ‘symbolic’ of the female genitals – and when I say symbolic I do not mean that a symbol represents a concept, it is not a separate symbol representing something; I mean it IS the energy itself. Again I felt this as a knowing in my yoni and my entire being. (I had previously seen a good few articles and images detailing exactly this but I cannot tell you how vastly different it was to know this as a direct revelationary experience as opposed to intellectual knowing.)

Mother Mary is the outer part of the vulva, her cloak hood is the clitoral hood and the folds of her robe the labia. Her head is the clitoris. I cannot tell you just how hilarious it was to know, to see, to think of all the Catholic people unknowingly worshipping female genitals! Given the attitude of the Catholic Church to sex and to women, I am sure you can get the gist of this revelation – it wasn’t a mean-spirited laughter, no, it was one of utter delight in the absurdity of human beliefs and the seriousness in which they are taken. It is utterly fascinating to have the truth revealed in a somatic experience like this; it’s a far, far deeper experience than understanding on an intellectual level or having ah ha moments. When it happens in the body there is a complete knowing that surpasses all doubts; one feels, sees, and knows the truth of what they are experiencing in totality. The Gnostic author John Lash describes this as ‘Somatic Illumination’ (which happens at the cellular level) – it is direct perception, direct experience…Gnosis. In that moment I literally created a brand new level of perception; I discovered that the sacred site is quite literally and physically within the self! Oh the sheer joy of it!

Any animosity I still carried for the Catholic Church and religion in general vanished in these moments. With complete clarity I saw why churches and cathedrals were built upon previous holy sites (oracles). They are like an extension of the energy that is that point on the earth. What I saw also completely explained why there are similarities and likenesses of spiritual and religious stories and of symbols and why these can be traced through history and continue to have meaning for people. It was so very clear to me that people did not build churches and cathedrals to eclipse the sacred site or to own it as they cannot do that, the energy cannot be hidden nor can it be owned or misappropriated either.

Matter itself gives way when you are open to the Mystery, to the unknown – nothing (no thing) may stand in your way – and the truth will reveal itself.

My Fear Dissolves
I could see that there was no authority to be afraid of, and here I must explain that I have I’ve been neither a Catholic nor even a practising Christian. No, it is since I awoke on my spiritual journey that much of the dislike, hatred, fear of religion and in particular the Catholic Church arose, most likely a lot of ‘past-life’ stuff. In this moment of revelation I knew that in order to deceive, the best anyone can do is to try to convince another of something that is not the whole truth, in other words, a half-truth.

Staying with the yoni touch I gave myself space and allowed more understanding to come through. I was feeling/sensing through the yoni mapping Peter was undertaking, visiting the physical, in the body and at the non-physical at the same time. I saw that Mary Magdalene was the physical symbol of the function of Mother – she is the vaginal cavity which is why she is so often associated with caves and was said to have retired into a cave and spent the last years of her life there. Magdalene also is The Source of Life, of physical life, the waters, the spring. I was aware of the River of life flowing through me.

Though the Virgin Mary is of course also associated with motherhood (and with niches and grottos), she does in fact become the next stage of the feminine power and transforms/dissolves and is included into Mary Magdalene. The Virgin Mother becomes the Mother – she is both the entrance/passageway and the journey to Mary Magdalene. It is necessary to think in terms of what – function, rather than whom as a person.

The cycle, the journey continues and Mary Magdalene dissolves/becomes/transforms into the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna is The Mystery. She is ‘reached’ through the gateway of life and death, the cervix into the great unknown, the un-manifest…the non-man(ifest). The Black Virgin then cycles back into the Virgin Mary. (This pattern/story of ‘3’ may be seen in very many different ways, in the macro and micro, in 3 bodies, or one body.)

I saw that these three ‘women’ were in fact not just women, and not just archetypes, but the pattern of energy of the feminine in form. Function and form. This realisation completely took the Catholic out of religion for me, it took the Christianity away and all other spiritual or religious or indeed cultural or societal meaning completely dissolved away too. I was left seeing energy expressing itself in form, like an outgrowth from the earth herself.

Power Over?
It was easy to see that in the story of humankind there came a time when we gradually lost our knowing of our place in nature, that we became further away, unable to communicate, a veil was drawn across, then churches came because we were unable to know the oracle directly we build or took a medium between nature consciousness and ourselves. Buildings are simply another layer on top of the truth and whilst they seem to be blocking or controlling access, they cannot because they cannot be anything other than a manifestation of that energy at that point. If you believe the church building is different from the energy it is an expression of, then it is different to you. The trick of religion, and other authorities, is to convince you of something that is not completely real, it’s the truth with a little twist or a part missing from it. However, those that know, know that the truth cannot be hidden because there is only one energy and everything comes from that. It’s simply the beliefs about ‘what is so’ that create an illusion that we see as real.

That religion and other authorities try to control power is without dispute and whilst we believe that they can, they do. ‘They’ who control power (or appear to) know perfectly well they are powerless and that they can only exert control by convincing you that it’s possible to do so. Though it might all appear extremely real, they are trading an/in illusion. The greatest conspiracy there is, is that you are separate from Source and that it’s actually possible to have control and power over you. The only conspiracy is that it’s actually possible to have a hidden conspiracy. If you look closely at the way things work, you will eventually come to see that you are being misled into believing that conspiracies are possible – this is actually where the power is, because you give a lot of power away to believing an untruth and indeed create a stronger version of it by believing in it. There is much running around and energy given to revealing conspiracies – but really, conspiracies do not exist. What I mean is that it is impossible to hide anything – it is all there in plain sight for those that have eyes to see and the ears to hear. You do not believe it because it’s true: it’s true because you believe it. I appreciate this may be hard to take in and indeed it’s not my intention to convince or educate you whatsoever – I’m excited to share my experience and in doing so it may tweak or blow the veil aside for someone else.

My yoni touch revelations explains everything that seems to be contradictory about churches – why they ‘allow’ the pagan stuff to remain, why the church building itself is like a the female form, why there are Sheela-na-gigs on the outer door, the meaning of labyrinthes, why cathedrals are built over springs/sources, why Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene are in niches, caves, grottos, why these groves were deemed to be holy in the first place, why the black Madonna statues find their way into hollow trees, why the virgin Mary and Magdalene seem to be two separate aspects of womanhood, why the Virgin Mary looks like a clitoris, why there is a separation of the feminine in religion, it explains the connection with Magdalene and sexuality and with the cult of Isis, the connection with the black Madonna and Isis…it also explains the confusion in the bible over the 3 Marys which I intend on writing more about in another blog.


(Using the word ‘Immerge’ is a mistake, I meant to say emerge, yet now I discover my mistake, I see how beautifully paired these two words are which sound the same and mean the opposite.

As we went deeper, the as above, so below theme continued. More dot joining as patterns and themes revealed themselves – seeing the how the mapping, routes, directions, travelling, all happened physically on the road, and now were happening in the yoni touch, and in my awareness. Paradoxes disappeared as science and spirit, logos and mythos became a merged view. In one moment time and space merged into zero point nexus (what is that which links through time and space?)

I also saw that the massage experience mirrored the physical road trip. The realisation of the 3 M’s and the manifestation of the Cathedral from Oracle, Sacred Spot on Earth happened in layers as did our journey. It is the same in the micro and macro; no matter where I looked I saw the same 3 fold story.

‘Mother’ Church:Yoni
The Cathedral is accessed in the same way a yoni is accessed and of course, you can see the physical building is not just reminiscent of a yoni, but it is a yoni – this clears up the mystery of why the churches were built in the shape of female genitals. But, it is not just a likeness, as I have been at pains to explain – it is the energy manifest in form and so it cannot be anything other than what it is. That is why all churches, cathedrals, temples, are so similar because they cannot be anything else. There’s no choice here – so it cannot be said “Yes but, they chose to build it like that! They could have built it another way”. What I am saying is that no, they could not have built in another way. That energy was always going to manifest into that shape because it IS that shape naturally. It is a given. That changes are made to buildings does not diminish my argument, it augments it because those changes are also of the same energy albeit once more removed. Continue building or changing and the truth is still there, just a little more hidden, but still in plain ‘site’. This is why you see the so called sacred geometry repeated throughout nature – it’s because there is only one story here and that gets repeated into buildings in ‘sacred’ geometry too when the energy of the site is that of an oracle or ‘sacred’.

One Thing Leads to Another

There is not one truth for it points to another truth which points to another truth – Toni Petrinovich

One thing leads to another, one truth has another truth underneath or behind it, a bit like Russian dolls except the inner doll is the ignorant one and the outer one is the larger self.

I believe that there is a field (function) underlying all matter which informs matter. This is the particular function in-formation which gives the cathedral the same energy as the sacred site preceding it. It is the function in (physical) forms. Function informs –the function ‘tells’ the energy what to form, it informs. Energy in form. It is a given.

The same may be applied to a person and their purpose. A function of my soul is of a particular stream of consciousness of the feminine and this is why my body is the shape that it is, curvy hour-glass, soft, a very yin type. My body is an outgrowth (so to speak) of my nonphysical energy.

Again we can see it, “As above, so below” – or “As below, so above” – this is a truth, a law if you will, not a choice or belief, though it is a choice to choose to see the truth of it. It is not a mirror, nor a symbol, it is simply that which is so. Gnostic Author John Lash calls it “Psycholcosmic parallelism – every event in the cosmos at large also happens in some manner within the human psyche – not symbolically but actionably”.

My (current) conclusion is that what we do on the outside is the same as on the inside and vice-versa. I got confirmation that there is only one story with lots of actors/interpreters, yet all are saying the same thing! There is the base energy of life and it is expressed in what appears to be many different things yet it is all the same base energy. Like in the cereal isle of the supermarket. Lots of different brands, all breakfast cereal. The base energy here is breakfast cereal. The types are just different expressions of breakfast cereal, some you like, some you don’t. Like places of worship, some you like, some you don’t – but it’s all the same underlying energy, it’s just interpreted a different way by the observer. The one who built it, made it, cannot do anything other than to express it into form – it’s not like there is a choice because the energy is saying something and cannot be made into something it isn’t. So a church or cathedral built onto a sacred grove or spring cannot be anything other than that. It is how something is looked at that stops us seeing what it really is. So holding a judgement on churches stops one from knowing the truth of the energy that is on that spot. In reality, a church or cathedral is simply another layer away from the raw truth, but it’s still the truth. It is impossible to take this energy of this place and make it into something different from what it is. The best you could do is to try to control the beliefs of others in order to convince them that the illusion they are trying to maintain is the truth. But the truth will out as it is the truth and cannot remain hidden for long, and so a constant attention to shifting the story, making new rules and regulations, moving the goal posts, using distractions of problems and solutions – all of this must be done in order to keep the others from seeing through the illusion. They who do this walk a very fine line as they cannot but help to use the energy of what is so, and yet the very energy of what is so will reveal itself. The problem they have is that they need to use the energy and have to hide not only that they are using this energy, but that there is energy at all. So the conspiracy isn’t just that there are those that control, it’s that it’s actually possible to control in the first place, that it’s possible to hide the truth. Many of the conspiracies are not the end answer; they simply are one truth that is pointing to another truth. So getting caught up in conspiracies as the ultimate truth is contrary to unveiling a deeper truth.


It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau

The buildings, the icons, the stories are all simply VEILS we use to obscure the truth of what the masculine and feminine principles really are. The truth really is hidden in plain sight/site, it’s simply that we do not see it as we are focussing on the veils and believing them to be the truth. Even the veils though are the truth because they cannot say anything other than what the underlying energy actually is. It’s just hidden a little bit more, however once we can see through that layer we get down to a deeper layer closer to the truth, and from there we go deeper.

This is what happened to me on my France road trip. Starting with buildings of cathedrals I had determined to visit and be in the energy there without the judgement of previous years of the Catholic Church and other religious judgements I had carried for a while. I was determined to be as open as possible and follow the inner promptings of going into The Mysteries. I didn’t think too much about this beforehand, most realisation came afterwards. In the planning stages of the journey I was very open to inspiration and left much of the actual logistics of planning to dear Peter. I was jostled about by the Muse quite a bit and was changing much like the wind – I found it tricky to be both practical and non-practicable at the same time (obvious now but at the time I was a little worried I was losing my wherewithal but now I see it was part of the process of being open to the alchemy in process).

At times on the trip I would hear Peter explain to those who asked what we were doing with a kind of disbelief as I didn’t actually fully recognise that’s what I was doing and what I had instigated. I think this was because it grew so organically and changed a lot over the weeks/months before the trip – it was a very ephemeral thing that I hadn’t quite brought into my physical world yet. It’s not that I felt in a dream or trance state, (though this did happen at times) it’s more that cutting or suspending my beliefs once more left me in an unanchored state which served the process of entering the mysteries yet left me having difficulties managing the physical strategies. For instance, I found it nigh on impossible to think about the physical aspect of travelling from one place to another and Peter had to give it to me in black and white before I could comprehend the possibilities of the road trip.

When I say the mysteries, I am referring to the hidden side of us, the feminine thread which is not history, but mystery.

Keys to Self-Knowledge

History always gives way to Mystery.

Deepening experience is the key, not trying for a quick fix.

Truth is revealed to those with empathy. Empathy is like an instrument. Body is like an instrument. Touch is essential. Pleasure is key.

A new sense of perception may be originated.

Nothing is lost.

No matter where I look, there I AM.

Our body = Primordial Temple

Nature is self-organising and therefore self-revealing.

It’s how we perceive and interpret reality which creates reality.

Direct revelatory experience is necessary. Experience is purposeful.

Our experience is evidence, signs, symbols are evidence.

Death is the greatest mystery.


The mystery is self-revealing. No effort is involved. Only a willingness to let go and to open to not knowing.

What is of so much importance (and pleasurable) in all of this revelation (the apocalypse) is that belief in power over another or another over self is in fact the cause of fear; so if you see through this, all fear just disappears. ‘The other’ has no power over you, nor you over they. This is not just peace, it is potential. For what are the possibilities when you and I meet and put nothing in between us?

Born out of our experience in, Peter and I extend an invitation to play with us in the great unveiling. We have called this ADVOILER. We are open to anyone who wishes to join us in September in France where we will visit the sites of the oracles, spend time in nature, meditation, in giving and receiving touch, in massage, in yoni mapping. Touch is essential for it is touch that takes us deep into the body, and unless we are in the body, the appearance of truth is what we see, rather than the truth of appearance. We envision a group coming together that will meet and develop over time, visiting the sacred oracle sites in France mainly, yet Scotland too no doubt, and elsewhere as we are guided. Good food, relaxation, spaceousness…these will be important too.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our arrangements, which I say now, are organic, self-organising and self-revealing. (In other words, we do not know how things will pan out, but are trusting that those who feel called to join us will take part in deciding on some of the logistics.) The general location will be south of Paris, in the region around Chartres, and Orleans. Both French and English will be spoken.

Please email us at: to register your interest


With blessings, Lynn

Lynn Paterson © May 2018


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Odilon Redon

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