Women and the Collective Pain-body: The Rage of Grief, Anger and Hatred.

 “The soul of the world is crying to be heard, and only those who have suffered can fully recognize it. If women can come to know the sacred dimension of their own and the earth’s suffering, if they can see that it is part of the mysterious destiny of the soul of our world, if they can look beyond their own personal pain and anger to accept their larger destiny, then the forces of life can flow in a new way.” Llewellyn Vaughn- Lee

We must strive to be Real and never feel we have to apologize for expressing what is real in the moment, even when that truth is hideous to behold.  If you give it expression, it will not define or limit you any longer.  If someone cannot handle that truth, then let them go for they are not yet ready to receive you fully, and not ready to behold that within themselves.

Expressing Rage is without doubt one of the most challenging steps in becoming Real.  This is because the very nature of rage is that it is completely uncontrollable, chaotic and uncivilized.  No matter how much practice release work we’ve done, rage will not be coerced into a premature birth and will wait to be triggered as and when it is ready to be expressed…which will always be in accordance with the Earth-Soul Covenant of each individual (their partnership agreement with the Earth). This is not making an excuse for uncontrolled childish behaviour; I’m talking about rage that comes from the very centre of our core being and we are not aware exists until it erupts.

A woman in full rage is a truly terrifying thing and many are simply not able to go there yet. I wonder if this is the truth behind the Chinese Proverb “When Sleeping Women Awake, Mountains Will Move”.  Usually that quote is accompanied by a beautiful picture of a serene young woman in meditative pose, at the top of a mountain in a spectacular view….  REALLY?  Is that how mountains are going to move?  When the Earth moves mountains, they actually do move… they crack, they explode, the spew hot lava… maybe we cannot separate what women are expressing and what is happening in our Earth’s body… perhaps we are literally seeing Oneness in action.

Being human means fully experiencing all facets of our emotions, hiding it will only create more pain, and more suffering.  The collective pain body (emotions) of humanity is carried by the feminine. Women will need space to express that rage (hatred, anger and grief) to be expressed without fear of judgement, without the fear that they will lose their lover, partner, family or friends.  This pain body is being triggered now, The Earth (Divine Mother) is cracking open, shaking and raging and women’s bodies are no different and they are shedding the collective shame of humanity.  And it ain’t pretty.

Many women have said of their partner/lover/friend: ‘He cannot handle my anger, my hatred, my grief’, and so they do not allow it voice, they are afraid to express it and so continue holding that despair, grief, rage and try to cope with it by telling themselves it’s un-spiritual, or a lower vibration and they ‘shouldn’t’ have it.  In the New Age movement, the ‘Positive Police’ are out there in force just waiting to do a citizen’s arrest on anyone who dares to show the tiniest bit of ‘negative’ or ‘lower vibration’! Or perhaps it the “Tantric Task Force” that will catch up with you if you dare to shriek and shout about the injustice of rape or sexual abuse!  Or perhaps they will turn to Prozac or another numbing down method… there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

Meanwhile, we cannot evolve as a collective and the Earth moves to release what she can….and it gets increasingly difficult to keep the stopper in the bottle!

I wonder,  will it be possible to hold space for women when they express their rage, rather than continuing to shame and ostracise (punish) them for their ‘fall from Grace’ when they explode in a fit of rage? Perhaps it will it be necessary for women to release this energy without the need for approval or apologies…perhaps that is the only way for them to truly own their power. Have en-courage-ment in the face of criticism and judgement, for if you are to move mountains, you must first have Faith in yourself.

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