Sexual or Spiritual? ~ Dissolving the Barriers of the Mind.

“If your flame of awareness is burning bright, you will know that sex is not just sex. Sex is the outermost layer; deep inside is love, and even deeper is prayer, and deepest is God himself. Sex can become a cosmic experience; then it is tantra.” – Osho

Beyond our mind-made labels of who we think we are as sexual or spiritual entities, beyond our concepts of sexuality of straight, bi, gay or any other identification we have, is Love. Osho knew this and elegantly shared it in the quote above.

To know thyself as Love, both as an individual and as the One, is the realisation we long for, even we do not yet know it.

It takes a lot of self-trust and courage to really let go into ecstasy – and someone to hold their own heart-space as they give unconditionally to you.

In their field of Love and appreciation where nothing is expected from you, and where you are simply free to be yourself without fear of judgement or control, You as a human/divine being can find your true nature.

Hearts align, peace is found and the Universe sings its song of Love.

Ecstatic Experience is evidence of loving and accepting yourself fully in the moment.
Ecstatic Experience is evidence of loving and accepting yourself fully in the moment.

I was honoured to experience someone’s direct experience of this in one of my ‘Triple Goddess ‘Wow’ sessions for women – I added the ‘wow’ after receiving this feedback along with others which made it clear the power and deep, deep beauty which is realised during these sessions. For this session, I was joined by my fellow Tantrika Jayde who has since completed her training with One Heart Tantra in Tantra Massage and Sacred Touch.

In these sessions it usual for each woman to embody an aspect of the Triple Goddess, Crone, Mother and Maiden. Age has nothing to do with who embodies who…and the roles are interchangeable during sessions.

“Soon enough I noticed that Lynn and Jayde’s energies had merged into one powerful goddess energy. I could not tell who was where on my body. There was no separation. I was part of this Oneness, along with the rest of the universe. The oneness permeated every breath, every movement, every touch… It was safe to let go. A fiery energy filled my entire being. I felt every cell of my body awakening, vibrating with life.

Their tantalizing touch took over, and I gave in, moaning my way into total surrender. Their breasts brushing over my face and body, their hands consciously exploring every inch of me. There was powerful softness in their sensual touch. Arousal was pulsing through my yoni and through my heart. I felt so expanded that the concept of ‘I’ seemed meaningless in that moment. As the energy danced through my body, I met the divine in me. I was humbled by the simple and honest beauty of my essence. Much love to you both.”

It is important not to leave out men in this topic, as they can and do have these experiences, though it must be said that it is generally easier for a woman to let go in this way than it is for men to do so. But not impossible by any means. The more men who do experience this, the more it will become ‘known’ in the collective energy field of human consciousness, and the easier it becomes to know ourselves in this way.

If you’d like to know more about the work I offer, and 4-handed tantric massages please read through the info. on my site and feel free to contact me from there.

May you discover the bliss that is You!

Deliciously Sensual
Deliciously Sensual

4 thoughts on “Sexual or Spiritual? ~ Dissolving the Barriers of the Mind.

  1. Steve May 20, 2013 / 10:38 pm

    As a male reading the description of the sensations of a participant in a triple Goddess sessions you offer to women I have had the privilege of experiencing the energy that can be raised during a tantric massage and sacred touch session induced in me by a dakini. I too was raised to a level of expansion such that I became everything that ever was and was totally unbounded by the physical limits of my body and gender as every part of me pulsed with the energy vibrating in me. This high stayed with me for quite some considerable time afterwards. I have been able to draw on these energy raising experiences recently when I unexpectedly suffered a myocardial infarction (heart attack), and whilst being resuscitated and undergoing surgery on an operating table was able to consciously ride with God/ess in the raised state I know from tantric practice.


    • lynnpaterson May 20, 2013 / 11:42 pm

      Steve, thank you so much for sharing your experience. How wonderful an experience it was too and to then be able to ‘tune’ in and be At-Onement with Source.. well, what a miracle! So full of Grace ♥


      • Steve May 31, 2013 / 10:50 pm

        Thanks Lynn; I can’t claim that “tantra” saved my life, but the practices I had learned and was able to call upon when I was hovering between life & death allowed me to totally accept the situation that I was in at the time of my MI.
        Your recipitant’s description of her Ecstatic Experience during the Goddess session was a wonderful evocation of a sensation that I find almost impossible to put into words, but I knew from her description it was what I have been privileged to experience.
        Namaste, Steve


      • lynnpaterson June 2, 2013 / 2:27 pm

        It is SO difficult to put these experiences into words!


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