The Mystical Dance

The Dance begins…

Set free of ego control, the inner power does not run amok chaotically destroying everything and anything in its path. Only that which is unreal is unmade.  Chaos, finally freed, creates order in its wake.  Order, freed from being the boss and no longer fixed in place, gives way in relief to flow.

Only that which is unreal is unreeled…

Chaos and order share power equally, for they are but two sides of the same coin.  Attempting to place one above the other is impossible for they are One, separated only in illusion of time and space.

Surrender may happen in every moment… it is not something that is a one-off event nor to be measured, or counted in numbers.  Surrender is simply letting go of holding onto dancer, chaos or order.  It is futile to believe either to be separate from the other.  Only in full awareness of the two being One is it possible for the dance to continue, infinitely changing, eternally the same.

It is in each moment that existence and non-existence blink in and out of being each other.  Being and not being. Particle and wave.  Seeing through the eternal dance of the tantric lovers, the infinite Truth of the One may be seen.

And in Remembering, They are One…

Who is then that sees?


2 thoughts on “The Mystical Dance

  1. Rajeshree April 9, 2021 / 6:03 pm

    Its very Interesting


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