Post Mortemising

It hit me this morning, there’s nothing to be gained from thinking about what just happened. I didn’t just think it, I felt it in the body.  It doesn’t help with the present, and it cannot help the future either.  I asked myself:  What if you didn’t think over what happened and just let it pass?  Would you be disadvantaged in the future?  How does going over what happened actually help? Can it make the present or future better or safer or make you better somehow?  If you didn’t think it over, what would you lose?  Think about it…

Now, what if the experience of what happened was the wisdom you have gained?  And that thinking it over is not only a waste of time, but an interference pattern simply due to second guessing your action.  That’s it’s just a looping reel whose purpose is actually to keep you bound to replaying old patterns and that the very thing you think is helpful in stopping you repeating old mistakes is the very thing that is making you repeat them? In other words, going over what happened is actually re-creating them in the same image in the present and future.

Just for a moment, allow the possibility that the experience was all that was necessary.

Consider that through experience, wisdom is gained organically and that it will be naturally applied and expressed in life without any thought being necessary.  IF you allow the integration to happen that is – and the integration happens in the present moment, as does everything.  So filling that present moment with thinking about the past can only mean are re-creating the past in the present.  There’s no extra wisdom being gained from this.  The body and soul already recorded the event and it’s in the temple of remembrance within, and furthermore, if integrated, it will always be there forming part of the library.

There wouldn’t even be a need to get this ‘record’ out in the future, it’s an automatic deployment system if you will, and the mind is not needed to decide or choose or call it back up again for any reason at all.  In fact, it’s interfering with Nature to do so. The experience is stored within the DNA – it’s not you; it’s just a recording.  Thinking it’s you is like a pop star thinking the record they made is them. DNA is information – it’s not who you are, is it?  That would be like saying you are your mobile phone.

One reason for going over things is the belief that it will create safety or increase the chance of success in the future.  But stop for a moment to give that some consideration.  How could it possibly do that because all you are doing is thinking, deducing, strategizing, deciding, that something you did in the past will either be changed or repeated or not repeated in the future!  Can you see or feel into that and glimpse how nonsensical that really is?  I’m not talking here of any understanding there is to be gained from analysing the reactions, emotions or feelings ( though if those feelings were experienced in the moment, there would be no need to go over them either) just simply pointing out that the strategy is not doing that which it is thought it will do.

I’m suggesting you stop the post-mortems. See what happens when you open to seeing that all that is required is trust in self, trusting that the wisdom has been gained and that the experience is over.  Then you will not be interfering with the integration process because allowing the passed to be past is all that is needed to allow integration. When this happens, the other pointless polarity of futurising will also diminish because you will be operating organically, naturally and in the moment.

Simply put, integrating experience results in wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Post Mortemising

  1. lynnpaterson March 17, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    The process is still unfolding and I’ve had some interesting experiences from which I’ve gleaned deep insights. I see that self-reflection or indeed reflection, is not useful and has to stop if we are too evolve. I don’t believe that we reflect life by living it – we are life, life does not reflect life, it just is. I’m in the process of finishing a continuation piece.


  2. Goddess In Anna November 3, 2014 / 8:58 pm

    Profound insight, Lynn, keep the feeling from it.
    We do reflect life by living it, by being aware of the experience, that is a law, but what we have added on top of it is reflecting upon the reflection (thinking about things when they’re not even happening), which is how we take ourselves out of the present moment and live a life that is more dead than alive….it’s not aligned with natural unfoldment as Life would want to constantly’s a way of taking oneself out of life and missing what’s really there. Merely a culturally conditioned (and supported) habit of constantly conceptualizing and going over things over and over as if we could figure it all out with our intellects…


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