The Power of KNow


In a meditation, I experienced a desire, a longing.  I realised that I’ve a compelling, a passionate, feeling of wanting to love myself (compassionate). In realising this, I told my inner self this, I spoke to my heart.  Here is what She said:

Remove everything, every label to the bare bones, remove the object and the subject and ideas of what this means.  Please just see that there is no wanting here – what is here, what is happening, what the truth is, is that you are being compassion.

You are experiencing yourself as Love.  You’ve assigned meaning only because when you are having this experience, you somehow feel it’s not right, it’s wrong and you need to separate yourself from it.  Yet there’s nothing wrong (no thing is wrong – it’s just a thing) but once you’ve distanced yourself, you no longer can recognise the simple truth.

So, stop and strip!  Strip away those subjectives and realise that the experience you are having is Loving yourself.

This is the “Power of Know”.

Just take away “the want” and know that whatever you are experiencing is what you want to experience.

Even more simply when you remove/take away “the want” you are left with the experience, yes?

Know and allow the possibility that the feeling you are having is already what you want.  So having the feeling is actually me having the experience of loving myself.  It’s the proof, not the lack of.

How can you want something you don’t have?

Conditions = qualifiers.  Take away the conditions judgements and expectations.

So take that intense feeling you are having and simply rephrase the words in your head “I am having an experience of loving myself” and beyond that “Right now I am loving myself” to “I love myself so deeply” – “This intense feeling I am experiencing is an experience of me loving me”.


One thought on “The Power of KNow

  1. Anna Robson-Lovelock January 2, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    I can see that it is only our own qualifiers which give us the illusion of anyone or anything appearing ‘unloveable’- we fall in and out of love depending on whether we consciously choose to experience and be this love of no limits. Self love is the eternal now! I feel awestruck by such power as true love really does know no bounds~ it is our essence, our gift, our breath, our birthright and our entire expression of life.


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