Animals; Merging and Shape Shifting ~ July 2004 ~ Pacific North West USA

In July 2004 I was staying on Bainbridge Island, WA as part of a 2 week trip I was making to be with Isaac. My mother had shortly passed and this trip had been postponed a couple of weeks so I could go to her funeral. It was my first time on Bainbridge and we stayed a couple of nights with a dear friend of Isaac’s, Sula who he had met in serendipitous circumstances. They hadn’t long known each other and yet were old soul friends who felt a familiar and loving connection with each other at a far deeper level than the few times they had spent together would normally suggest. Between Sula and I there was a deep connection too which beyond the personality level that I was open to knowing more about.

Isaac and Sula were chatting away after we ate and I allowed myself to drift off into a lovely soft state of consciousness (this was easy as I was almost constantly in a state of love-bliss the whole time I was with Isaac that trip). My eyes settled on a photograph picture on the wall of an American bald eagle. The photo was a close up of the bird’s head and shoulders, in semi profile. The photo drew me in and I was totally absorbed… I began to feel that the bird was actually right there in the diner… the sounds of the diner and of Isaac and Sula chatting faded into the background and I began to experience myself as the bird. I could feel the haughty magnificence of the eagle, its detached attitude, or more like, it’s non-attached nature. I could feel the way my head moved on my neck, like stretching your head up and shoulders down and swivelling the head around. I felt the eagle’s strength and its ability to fly so powerfully and see from such a great distance… again, I felt the non-attached sovereign regal like haughtiness; not from it feeling superior to anything but simply its non-emotional nature and it was at all not a cruel feeling. I felt I could see from such a high perspective, so totally non-attached, I felt such power course through my body and felt my eyes shoot out intense lightning like energy that was so piercing in its crystal clear clarity.

Simultaneously, I was also observing my experience and was in amazement. It was so fascinating to be able to experience even a little of what it was to be an eagle; I was literally awestruck and as I came out of the experience I was not in a space to be able to share it with Isaac and Sula so I disappeared off into the Ladies room to take some time to let the experience settle. Little did I know at that point that this was just the appetiser!

Fond goodbyes said we headed off the Island to our next destination, taking the Interstate 5 down to Oregon. Isaac was doing most of the driving as was the case that morning, and I had the road map out – not because Isaac didn’t know where we were going because he did as he was living in Oregon at the time – no, I had the map out because I have a thing about maps; I’ve found them fascinating for years and would regularly pore over the atlas and road maps exploring energetically where I was drawn to. Indeed, I’d already explored this area of the Pacific Northwest by map some years previously and I’d been particularly drawn to the area around Olympia, WA, and noted that there was an Aberdeen here as well as in Scotland. I file away little things like this that peak my interest – they often come into play, sometimes years later and awareness arises out of the connections which adds depth and understanding to my life experiences.

As we got just south of Olympia, the map open as I traced the area where we were with my finger and also with my mind… I alternated between this and gazing out of the side window towards where I imagined the area on the map was. Something started to shift in my perception and I found myself entering a trance like state of consciousness. Having become familiar with this over previous months I did not try to stop and simply allowed myself to ‘journey’ into another time and dimension. In these imaginal realms I found myself running along a forest track with prominent tree roots, through a beautiful pine forest. I was running so fast! And full of such joy it was almost overwhelming to my current self as I felt the vibrations of that time in my body as if it were happening right now! I was aware I was not human as I was now – my body was light and slender and not very tall, it was far subtler, more ethereal a, not completely solid in form. The attitude was of innocence and complete freedom, in comparison to today’s world I was neither as mature as an adult nor as immature as a child. I could not tell if I was a fully grown being or an adolescent, though I knew I was neither male nor female but androgynous, without a gender, without genitals.

As ‘I’ was running through the forest, I was also aware of being connected to another being, what I can only describe as a twin who was flying in the shape of a hawk directly above me – we were in full telepathic communication with each other – in fact it would be more accurate to say we shared awareness yet also knew ourselves to be individuals. I then became aware of a remarkable thing, that we actually shared a heart though I do not know how this would be possible physically; it was certainly possible in these bodies which were not fully physical in the sense as we know it today. In that very moment I knew my twin was our friend Sula but it was some years before I felt it was the right moment to share this with her.

Still furiously running along the track completely out of control, my foot caught on a tree root – I knew I had done this in an accidentally on purpose manner for I fell headlong towards the ground, but just before the moment of impact I shape-shifted into a young deer. Oh the sheer joy of this form was incredibly to experience! Faster even than before with powerful leaps I bound forward, so sensitive to every sound, smell and movement of air around me. With four powerful legs to carry me on I was completely unstoppable and immersed in an ecstatic state of incredible joy. In this animal form it was now possible to exchange ‘places’ with my twin, now a hawk soaring above with a cool detached attitude, then back to being the wild deer – we shifted between forms till as the deer, I reached the edge of the land, leaping from the cliff edge, and soaring through the air, hitting the water as a dolphin! I dove deeply beneath the water, strong and streamlined I felt every inch a dolphin as I sat in the car; every cell in my body remembering, coming awake to this alternate body.

I began to feel my current reality intruding upon my trance state and soon I left the dolphin and hawk twins and returned to the car. I started yawning excessively (this is one of the ways in which I release). I began to stretch and soon I was contorting my body into extreme stretches, utilising whatever I could in the cramped car to assist me. I twisted and turned, stretching every way I could to help release energy from deep inside my very bones – feet up on the dashboard, using the seat belt …whatever it took and it felt and looked very strange indeed! Isaac was a star and he continued to focus on driving safely as I twisted and contorted my body in pretzel like shapes for 45 minutes or so.

Once I returned to Scotland, I booked some time with my teacher and as I shared the experience with him he tuned into it and said “You are a shape-shifter Lynn, we’ve said so to you in the past but you didn’t understand what was meant; now you do. In order to change form you have to be completely out of control, yet with some awareness and complete trust of the process. That is why you deliberately ‘accidentally’ caught your foot in a tree root, for that was how the shape-shift occurred. In falling through the air the shift became possible”. I could feel the truth of this as a vibration in my body, I also realised that during dreams where I can fly, it had happened through tripping over, or falling out of control. Since then, whenever I have these flying dreams, I try to be as lucid as I can to consciously choose to fly longer and further.

Moving forward a few years, Sula came on an extended visit to Scotland and stayed with us for 3 months. At the time we were living close to Loch Lomond in central Scotland, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, in an idyllic cottage in the countryside which was surrounded by fields, woods, rivers and streams. We would regularly see deer roaming through the woods and fields next to our house. One such day I was in the kitchen with Sula watching them. Remembrance came upon me as I felt in my body the awareness of the deer and the feeling of that body – I became immersed in the experience and began to share the story with Sula which deepened our connection beyond the present time, consciously linking us together across time and space which we later realised had opened us to abilities to tune into each other even when thousands of miles apart.

I had another eagle experience later on that road-trip whilst we were driving down from spending a few hours up on Mt Shasta in California. I was on the look for chipmunks which we don’t have in the UK and so didn’t notice a golden eagle soaring above. It swooped down and flew right over our car; Isaac saw it and said it was no more than a few feet above us. Though I didn’t actually see it, I could feel its HUGE presence and looked up and over at Isaac and said in awe “What on earth was that?”

To this day, when I tune in or see eagles, I can still feel some of that ‘eagle-ness’ in my body and whilst I have always loved and been called by eagles and hawks, I am now even more enchanted whenever I get the gift of seeing them and consider their presence a sign to take note of.

My understanding of what happened was that I ‘merged’ energetically with the eagle or spirit of eagle and that anyone can do this with practise and intention. It happened spontaneously for me at that time and has not happened since with eagles, though it has with other life intelligence, such as flowers, or animals, insects etc. and this has happened in various differing ways, but always from a sense of total absorption and love.

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