A Life Changing Experience

Thank you for your interest, for your time you are giving me, to check in, tune in, read, connect here with me, right now. Your choice in reading this, and my choice writing it, have together formed a relationship, a partnership of the moment, and however brief that might be it does not lessen the importance of our connection, for what we are really doing is collaborating in consciousness.

I’m not getting carried away here in self-importance or aggrandising such an everyday thing, yet at the same time, I am tuning into the depth and importance of such everyday encounters.  It’s easy in the world of outer success that we are driven and often beholden to, to realise the meaning of life.  I, writing these words now, and YOU reading them, is lifefullness. I remind myself to slow down and breath as it is easy to lose the delicate fullness of being in perfect poise in both stillness and in flow where I am neither pushing nor being pushed, nor pulling or being pulled, by life’s streams.

It’s my birthday today and it’s very different to last year’s birthday, which was the best birthday celebration I’d had for many years.  Surrounded by friends and lovers, I felt totally alive, and totally loved.  That didn’t last and that particular collaboration in consciousness had fallen apart by the end of the summer. That story is for another time and for now and it’s enough to say I was utterly devastated by being ostracised by some very close and dear people. It’s a complicated story, and I took leave of Ireland as the situation was untenable to me, and I returned to Scotland to hibernate.  This is my first blog since then.

It has taken rest, inner work and accepting help to come back to me.  I’ve also consciously collaborated with other people; that have been the hardest in a way, as I felt broken apart and it was very hard to trust again.  I’m still building on that, and honing my discernment so that I take care of myself first and foremost.  It’s so tempting to isolate and stay away from others… though even if some of that is inevitable, it’s been really important to reach out to be with others, and begin the process of learning to trust oneself, and life again.

One such conscious collaboration I became a part of was a book called 365 Life Shifts.  A Facebook friend invited me to become a contributing author and normally I would have steered away, yet something told me to take a second look.  The book was to be part of a bestselling series birthed by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck.  I’d been trying to author my own book for a year or too and hadn’t got very far and I was feeling a bit low about that, and overwhelmed by the thought of everything that was involved. Looking into the details of the offer I was immediately impressed with the amount of assistance available at every stage of the way, and the great community spirit building amongst the organisers and the authors. Quite a few of the authors had contributed to the previous two books in the 365 series, and I was encouraged enough to take a leap of faith and join in!

The book was published on 21 Feb this year and I can honestly say that the best part of it has been the group endeavour, the incredible collaboration that over 250 people agreed to take part in.  Yes it is awesome to be published too!  Yet the support, encouragement, enthusiasm and dedication that have been a constant on the book journey is nothing short of amazing, and has lifted me up and held me when I felt like I had nothing left to give.  At times I was unable to play more than a very small role as I was still processing deep grief and pain, yet here I am part of a greater whole and the book is getting fantastic reviews.   Over 250 beautiful souls contributed their heartfelt stories in it!  I’m full of admiration and deepest gratitude – it’s been a very deep life changing experience for me, and very healing too.

Sadly one of our authors, Vicky Mitchell passed away very recently – I didn’t know her, nor had I communicated with her personally, yet when I read of her sudden passing I felt such deep grief, like she was family.  Which of course she is.

Last week a friend bought the book and asked me to sign it. My first ever ‘autograph’!  As an early birthday present he gave me another book which funnily enough, was another collaborative book, this one on trees.  Thank you for being a part of my life, and for allowing me to play a role, however big or small, in yours.



This blog is dedicated to Jodi and Dan, and to Spirit who inspired, and to everyone who contributed, and of course to all those who read it. 

You can get your copy here, and there are 70 bonus gifts to claim too!

You can do it too!!!  If you would like to follow in our footsteps and be a contributing author to the next book Goodness Abounds, please read more here

5 thoughts on “A Life Changing Experience

  1. John March 15, 2017 / 5:06 pm

    Hi Lynn, great to read your blog again; your previous blog seemed full of hurt and pain, totally unfair on someone as gifted and generous in her giving as you. Delighted that you have been published; I look forward to reading the 365 book and to hear more from you. Belated happy birthday to you.
    Blessings, John


  2. kimberlyduboise March 15, 2017 / 10:04 am

    Happy belated birthday, and thank you for sharing your story. You are inspirational in so many ways! This fellow coauthor of 365 wishes you all the best!


  3. astrobuss March 13, 2017 / 6:39 pm

    Happy Birthday, Lynn! I’m sorry to hear that you were Bummed, but delighted to hear about your Experience with Collaboration! It’s the Wave of the Future!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Captain Excellent March 13, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    Congratulations dear Lynn, and many many blessings to you! Also, I don’t mean this to sound in any way condescending (which I realise it could do in text), but very proud of you too! 🙂 (in a sisterly, go get’em girl type of way)

    You know I participated in something similar last year which we’d spoken about briefly, I had my reservations for the same reasons as you, but like you something just told me to go for it. Well I actually dropped out after just 3 months because I’d already got what I needed by then, but the healing that I experienced prior to that was just completely and totally world-altering. So I totally get what you mean by this! It really is a game-changer.

    Very excited to see the next steps that this takes you on. Perhaps now you’ve broken through this ceiling so to speak, you might write your own book in the near future?

    Liked by 1 person

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