Do We Really Want Free Energy?

In my tantra work I’ve worked with quite a few women here in Ireland who have never had an orgasm nor even looked at what their genitals are like. This is an astonishing fact for a lot of people. The suppression of the feminine (Shakti/sexual energy) is particularly aimed at women and many feel completely shamed at simply just being a woman – this is often a sub-conscious belief that they are not even aware they have.

Because of the over sexualisation of women and their bodies, it is even more confusing today for women to understand themselves due to so many mixed messages in the media and entertainment industry. It is no surprise to me that both men and women are still having major difficulties with their sex lives!

We know barely anything about the power of sexual energy – even in tantric circles, we are only just beginners but if we want peace and harmony on Earth, it is essential we as a species claim our divine birth right and open to becoming fully sexually charged humans as sexual energy is the key to becoming empowered. This will require a radical re-think about what sex means, and a necessary letting go of our erroneous beliefs we formed through false information being fed to us over millennia.

The battle for power is going on right now in the world and is showing up in numerous variations from war to rising home-fuel prices. But right now we have the technology for free energy but it’s hidden, kept secret and all attempts so far to share it have come to a sticky end. Why is this any different to our own inner free energy that we are shutting down and hiding away?

Kundalini is ALIVE and waiting to be recognised within each and every one of us – once it is awakened we begin to know our own intrinsic worth and value. We start to know our power and understand our inter-connectedness with nature. Sexual energy IS nature…consciously awakening Kundalini means you can and will know the Earth in a truly intimate way. Once this happens, you know you are part of the Earth, not separate and you KNOW you will be provided for. Survival mentality disappears and there is no possibility of listening to an outside authority who is trying to control you. This is not an over-night or one-off process; it’s a journey of becoming. Becoming sexually liberated means owning and understanding our power, that which we are born of is the most beautiful and natural expression of God on this planet and in this universe.


2 thoughts on “Do We Really Want Free Energy?

  1. staffordartglass November 3, 2013 / 2:55 am

    Even though we may feel that our nurture holds such powerful sway over us, I have found that we can undo and reshape ourselves in so many beneficial ways! Luckily attitudes about body image are changing, and this is good. We can be what we want to be. Thank you so much for writing this because it needs to be heard in every corner of the world. Says I! With this energy being entirely nonlocal, the opportunity for profound healing states through tantric related modalities is huge. Just allowing ourselves to be loving without shame or fear is huge…and as the thing trail of fiery tantra winds out into a small thing thread of a smile or a glint in the eye, even this is useful and healing. We had simply been choking off the universe within us all along…


    • lynnpaterson November 3, 2013 / 12:26 pm

      Thanks for commenting staffordartglass! I love what you say about the nonlocal state being profound for healing. I also love your glass artisan pieces…so exquisite!


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