Sexual or Spiritual? ~ Dissolving the Barriers of the Mind.

“If your flame of awareness is burning bright, you will know that sex is not just sex. Sex is the outermost layer; deep inside is love, and even deeper is prayer, and deepest is God himself. Sex can become a cosmic experience; then it is tantra.” – Osho

Beyond our mind-made labels of who we think we are as sexual or spiritual entities, beyond our concepts of sexuality of straight, bi, gay or any other identification we have, is Love. Osho knew this and elegantly shared it in the quote above.

To know thyself as Love, both as an individual and as the One, is the realisation we long for, even we do not yet know it.

It takes a lot of self-trust and courage to really let go into ecstasy – and someone to hold their own heart-space as they give unconditionally to you. Continue reading

Bliss ~ A Discourse wtih St Germain

Bliss with St Germain through Isaac George

Greetings One and All… this is an audio of a channelling that Isaac George did back in 2000 and it’s with St Germain on the nature of bliss.  It’s one of the most comprehensive explanation of what bliss is that I’ve heard or read… it goes into what bliss is and how we try to hold onto to it, how we push it away, and how we can open up to it more.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What makes your heart sing?

For me it’s the deep heart connection where I feel the other, and can see my self reflected in their eyes… losing myself in joyful, soulful, or sexy dancing… delighting in nature and beautiful animals… feeling Spirit fill and move me to the point of tears… sharing words, talking and seeing how people change when they see something new… touch that creates waves of pleasure or helps awaken the sleeper within with its nurturing, loving presence… creating sacred space, slowing down and just being…. helping people to feel better about themselves, to gain some measure of relief from their pain and suffering and to share tools that have helped me… and mostly, just to share my journey, my story and hope that it inspires others to know that they too can change.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?


Fools Rush in…

I’ve wondered many times about that old saying, ‘Fools rush in where angels fear to tread’. What does it mean to be a fool.. in whose opinion would that be? And exactly where is it that angels fear to tread?

I realised that:
1) There was no such thing as a fool, and
2) There is no ‘where’ that angels fear to tread

Once I realised this, it could be said that it would only be a matter of time before a total transformation would occur. In fact, a transmutation is more accurate. The matter of time I refer to is a fluid perception of time that comes in waves… sometimes it’s here, and sometimes it’s there.

Who is to say that one is a fool?  This is surely just a matter of personal choice and it is importance only to the one, or ones, choosing. To be or not to be a fool – that is the question.

And about that bit regarding angels who are fearing to tread…   As far as I was concerned, this would not do for if there was somewhere where angels feared to tread then what hope was there for me?  There was only one thing for it, and so I asked an angel, a very big angel actually, and my feeling was verified – there is nowhere that angels fear to tread – indeed, how could there be?

That was it then, my choice was easy… if there exisited such a state where there was no fear, then that is what I wanted.  


When this didn’t exactly happen as I wanted, I decided a flexible approach was needed.  So I read those books and was inspired by the clever quotes about there only being one ‘now’, and really, it solved that problem very nicely. Now I know ‘now’, it means now can be today, or it could also mean the now tomorrow, and also the now yesterday.

Having put off the now moment when I would start writing, this blog is my first effort at sharing words in a more formalised way.  It is dedicated to the musings and realisations I have had gifted to me in one way or another over a period of 15 + years since I first decided that I was not going to put up with being miserable for the rest of my life.

It is with Love to Spirit and those that serve the One in its many forms that I share with you here, and if it is an inspiration or help to even one soul, it will have been worth all the hassle of birthing my first blog.

I look forward to sharing with you.


Archangel Michael demonstrating that angels do not fear to tread anywhere, especially on very fierce demons..