The River of Life

The River of Life

In my distress I sat by the waterfall pool. Here, I asked the River of Life to wash away my sins.
She said, “I cannot wash away what is not there.”
So instead I asked her to being me an abundance of Love and Riches for I felt acutely impoverished.
“I cannot bring you that which you already are.”
In tears now, I pleaded, “Then show me this as I cannot see it in myself!”
She replied, “This I can indeed do. Find yourself a deep, still pool and gaze into the depths of the water until you can no longer see your reflection. It is there you will know your soul.”

©Lynn Paterson 2017

My Summertime Sadness

Summer time in all its fun and glory is a time when everyone should be happy or at least happier… right? Not always as far as I’m concerned; there’s an edginess to it that is hard to explain about summer, and I know I’m not alone in having some deeply challenging feelings in the summer season.

There’s many who share in this.  It’s not that I don’t love the sun and warmth and I especially love the long summer evenings when it hardly seems to get dark at all… but once the Solstice is over I can’t help but feel a disquieting, persistent thought that nips at my heels reminding me that the summer isn’t going to last; that it’s all going to be over and everything will dies.  I almost dread the first signs of the leaves turning in August, and yet I love the autumn.

Then there’s another part that feels even crueller; the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams.  Continue reading