Porn Versus Life: Culprit or just a symptom?

Author Naomi Wolfe makes astute points and draws deep-reaching conclusions in “How porn is destroying modern sex lives”.  

The article opens: “These days, I am rarely surprised when, after a lecture or book signing, someone will try to talk to me about their addiction to porn and ask where he or she can get help.

As an author and feminist social commentator, I often discuss my work at events and meet a wide spectrum of people who talk to me about sex, relationships and, more increasingly, the impact of pornography on their lives.

There is no stereotype of what this person will look like….”

I too find that many people want to talk to me about their porn habits and how it is deeply concerning to them and destroying all hopes of having a ‘normal’ relationship. They are often feeling lost and confused. Some say they have never known good sex and some don’t even believe that sex (as we know it) has the potential of fulfilling them anyway. Continue reading